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Creating Scripts

You can load an existing script from a file or create one from within the app. From the Script Library screen use the Add Script button. You can then then choose how you want to create the script:

Typing lines into the app Show Recording without the lines Show Loading from a PDF file Show Loading from a Text file Show Loading from a Rehearser file Show

If your file won't import, feel free to send us the file and we'll try to help. support@ScriptRehearser.com

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Recording Scripts

After creating your script, use the Record / Edit screen to record the lines.

Any lines that you don't record will be played back using the voice synthesiser that came with your device. The quality of these synthesisers varies, and is not under the control of Script Rehearser. This is intended as a fallback if you don't record your lines, you probably don't want to rehearse your script like this.

Any lines that you record will be played back using that recording and not the synthesiser. It's OK to record some lines and not others - if a line is not recorded then it will default to using the synthesised voice. Using the Record / Edit screen

To begin recording, just press the character's Record button at the bottom of the screen. A Volume control appears at the top of the screen, and you can use this to change the volume of the recording.

To stop recording, press the Stop button. Alternatively, to stop recording one line and immediately start recording the next, press another character's Record button.

You can choose which characters have Record buttons by tapping the star symbol on the Character List screen.

For more information on using the Record / Edit screen, see the Screens section of this web site.


Rehearsing your Script

Rehearse your script using the Learn Script screen. The lines will be spoken using the voice synthesiser that came with your device, or using the recordings you have made on the Record / Edit screen.

Touch a line to start playing, or use the Play button. You can skip forward to your next cue (the line before your next line) or to the next scene. For more information on using the Learn Script screen, see the Screens section of this web site.

Setting your Personal Preferences

Using the Settings screen you can change the way the app works to suit your rehearsing style.

You can change whether the app displays or hides your lines, and whether it speaks them immediately or stops on each of your lines. You can also choose to automatically repeat a scene or the whole script when rehearsing. For more information, see the Screens section of this web site.


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Script Library Screen

Tap to undo if you make a mistake when importing, creating or deleting scripts
Tap to set your preferences for learning with Script Rehearser
Tap to learn the script. Long-press to change the script name
Tap to select the script and display actions, such as Delete and Export
Tap to show options for adding a script: you can load a script from a file; or create one in the app and either type in the lines or just start recording

Learn Script Screen

Tap to display the Record / Edit screen, where you can make recordings and create or change lines
The lines for your character are highlighted.
Choose which character is yours using the View Characters menu item
Putting (beat) or (pause) in a line will leave a 1- or 3-second delay when using the speech synthesiser
Tap to jump back one scene
Tap to start from your previous cue (the line before your previous line)
Tap to prompt you with the first few words from your line.
This key is displayed only if Speak My Lines is set to When I Press Play
Tap to start playing the script
Tap to start from your next cue (the line before your next line)
Tap to jump forward one scene

Record / Edit Screen

If there is not space for all the menu items, tap here to display the others
Use the volume control and volume meter to adjust the recording volume
Long-press to edit this line or change the character
A red light indicates that recording is in progress for this character
A yellow light indicates that this character can record next. Just tap the button to stop the current recording and start the next
Show the character list, where you can add characters and choose which recording buttons to display on this screen
Tap to stop recording or play back lines already recorded

Edit Line Dialog

Tap here to change the character for this line. You can choose an existing character or create a new one
Long-press to bring up options to copy and paste text from the clipboard
Press Enter twice to split this line into two separate lines
Tap to edit the next line, or to insert a new line if you are at the end of the script

Character List Screen

Tap to edit the character or change which character is yours
A star means that the character will have a recording button at the bottom of the Record / Edit screen

Edit Character Screen

This marks the character as yours, highlighting the lines when rehearsing.
Note that you can have more than one character marked as yours
A star means that the character will have a recording button at the bottom of the Record / Edit screen
These are the speech synthesiser settings for any lines that you haven't recorded yourself

Settings - Learning Style

Make a brief sound when the script reaches one of your lines
Display the text of your lines on the screen
Pause for you to speak your lines - either using a timer or until you press Play or Prompt
Speak the dialog of your lines
Speak any separate stage direction / notes lines
Observe (Beat) and (Pause) in dialog, or ignore them, or speak them out loud
Jump back and repeat a scene or the whole script

Settings - General

Show a tip each time Script Rehearser is started
Show hints on screens.
Each hint will be shown only once until Script Rehearser is restarted

File Chooser

This will say Save As if you are exporting, or Choose Files if you are importing
Tap to refresh the list if you've added files in another program since opening the File Chooser
Shows the current folder path. Tap All Files to start from the top folder
Tap a folder name to navigate into that folder
This list shows the existing files in the folder. When importing, tap a file name to import it
When exporting, you can change the name of the file to save
When exporting, tap the blue tick to export the file

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